Our Story

From the Ground Up

Founded by two sisters who are lifelong foodies and travel buffs, Seed was conceived to bridge the gap between fast food and a gourmet restaurant. In Metro Manila, eating well means pre-cooking a packed lunch or going to a restaurant, both of which are too time-consuming for the extremely busy (or lazy) working millennial like us. So here’s a crazy idea: how about an online restaurant? A gourmet meal delivered to your desk. Finally.

Happiness is Homemade

Let’s not confuse this with fast food. Seed was created not just for the convenience but also for the experience of eating delicious home-cooked meals anywhere. Busy as we may be, ours is still a generation that values the memory of the kitchens we grew up with. So think of Seed as your mom/wife/houseband/cook (if they were a professionally trained chef) sending you carefully crafted packed lunch every day.

The Seed Sisters

Working in the food industry was a given for us Seed sisters. Monica, my older sister and the Head Chef, deserves all the credit for the magic that happens in the kitchen. While I, Gabbi, am Head of 'Taste Testing', among other less exciting things like Marketing and Delivery Operations. We both enjoy eating well in every sense of the term- both for taste and wellbeing. We believe that guilt should never follow a delicious meal. Needless to say, we are our own target market, and we’re banking on the fact that we’re not the only ones!

Seed's Growing Team

From the person who buys the ingredients to the one who hands over your order, our team consists of incredible individuals. In partnership with several organizations, Seed provides jobs for OFWs who have been mistreated abroad and who have been forced to stay away from their families. So Seed's purpose is not only for the customer but also for the individuals in our team, because we believe in bringing our fellow Filipinos back home to their families. We are proud and honored to serve you alongside such determined, diverse and inspiring teammates.